Frequently Asked Questions

I want a stamp with my own logo, is this possible?

Absolutely! Around 5-10% of the stamps we make are special logo versions.

Sometimes this is a club or dive shop logo or maybe you have your own logo that means something special to you (people have scanned tattoos before now!).

A rubber stamp only prints in one colour so for the logo to be usable, it needs to be converted into a pure black and white image. So if you have an image with lots of colour or gradiant fills this could be hard to impossible. Also, we use a high precision laser to engrave the stamps and want to give you the best quality we can. All our logos are used at high quality resolutions, and we would like yours to be the same - in practice this usually means the image should be around 600 - 1000 pixels wide.

There is no charge for using your own image. To provide the image, we accept a JPEG or PNG image file uploaded onto the website in your customer account image gallery. Please not that by uploading it you agree to our Copyright Release - essentially: you must be allowed to use the logo.

Can I download my dive computer data as part of your logs?

At the moment, most of our products are paper based. When we say computer focused, we mean that the log is designed to be used by a diver who has a dive computer and so the profile is shorter and easier to fill in. It does not mean that you can download your data into it. Sorry!

However, we are developing a free online Dive Log service alongside our paper products and eventually, we do expect you will be able to import your dive log history.

I have a small IQ logbook - will your pages fit?

The really small IQ logbook is a very small personal organiser ring mechanism, and unfortunately none of our logs will fit this small sized mechanism.

Is it possible to engrave ScubaTags on both sides?

Sorry, ScubaTags are currently only engraved on one side.

Will I be able to put my PADI log into the small Dive-Logs Binder?

The short answer is no, not really, the binder is small enough that the PADI pages will stick out past the page protectors and get damaged when the binder is closed. However, some people take the last few pages from their PADI log book and trim them to fit so that they have their most recent dives with them when they next go diving. As the new dives are added these get taken out and filed in an archive.

Do the pocket stamps contain their own ink pad?

Yes they do. It folds up against the stamp plate when packed away and then when the stamp is being used it automatically flips out to the side.

We would like to get our dive shop logo onto a set of ScubaTags is this possible?

We can incorporate logos into the ScubaTag for any dive shop order. As they are precision laser engraved the logos can be quite detailed. Please use your customer account image gallery to add your logo. As with our log book stamps you agree to our Copyright Release.